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PO BOX 4512 / WALNUT CREEK, CA 94596
November 7, 2019
Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church

Let's Talk About Race ...With Kids

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Raising kids has changed since we were children. With new technology and social norms rapidly shifting our culture, parents face different challenges, and talking to our kids about race might be the most daunting thing of all.

If not us, who's talking to our kids about race? Studies have shown that children as young as 3 years old are already conceptualizing race for themselves.

Parents need to be at the forefront of helping our children navigate society with integrity. Whether you're a parent of a toddler and want to get ahead of the conversation, or a parent of a teenager who's already being corrected by your own kid, this event is for any caregiver, family member, or friend of a child. The panel will seek to equip and offer experiences for you to translate into your own context.

We're putting on this event for the generation we're raising. For the sake of the kids, come join us as we welcome the discomfort of growth, and engage together.

Come as a group. Process with your faith community as we collectively wrestle with what it means to lead our children with awareness and foresight.


Mitali Perkins has written twelve books for young readers, all of which explore crossing different kinds of borders. Mitali was born in Kolkata, India before immigrating with her family to Flushing, Queens at age seven and settling in the East Bay at age eleven. She has lived in Bangladesh, India, England, Thailand, Mexico, Cameroon, and Ghana, and studied Political Science at Stanford and Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley. She and her husband Rob, who serves as senior pastor of Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church, are the parents of 27-year-old twins.


Myisha T. Hill is a mental health activist, speaker, and social entrepreneur who is passionate about mental wellness and empowerment for women. In 2018, Myisha became curious about white women and privilege after ending a relationship with a co-worker that negatively impacted her mental health. This led her to identify her own internalized oppression and racism. Not interested in a throw-away culture, she decided to seek out safe ways that white folks are showing up for Black, Indigenous Women of Color. Myisha works with organizations and community groups taking white people on a self-reflective journey exploring their relationship with power, privilege, and oppression. She resides in Oakland, California with her 3 children and attends Oakland City Church where she serves as a Deacon.

Anita Tsang Scribner is always happy to engage with people one-on-one about topics including race, parenting, eating, travel, and more. Born in Hong Kong, she moved to the U.S. at age four and grew up in San Francisco. She has spent time thinking through issues related to race at San Francisco State University's School of Ethnic Studies master's program and in her prior work as a group home counselor and foster care caseworker. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and 15-year-old son and attends Christ Church East Bay where she serves as a deacon at the Berkeley location. She is deeply thankful for all those around her who challenge her to think earnestly about difficult things in difficult times, and she loves to learn, so teach her something!

Cara Meredith is an author and advocate. Her first book, "The Color of Life", a spiritual memoir about her journey as a white woman into issues of justice, race, and privilege, was released in February 2019. She holds a Masters of Theology (Fuller Seminary), and is passionate about helping faith communities engage in conversations that matter. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two sons.

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